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I don't usually pimp out stuff here (should try to more often though), but a good friend of mine is hosting a contest on her journal based on one of her characters the maniacal fembot Augustine!

Follow this link for more details!…
And check out the entries and other pieces on our affiliate group :iconaugustine-fans:

I'm just letting everyone know that I will be cleaning up the galleries today to shift around pieces to their corresponding folders. I would like to remind everyone again to please submit work to the right category when submitting as I've been manually doing so myself for the last few months and I just don't have the spare time to keep at it.

:bulletred:If you have removed work from your gallery that was included in the group, it will be deleted. It kinda gets annoying to see a deleted piece sticking out of the galleries here.

:bulletred:If you post submissions of sketches or work taken with a camera as opposed to a scanner, I will be moving those pieces to a new folder. This also applies to work that isn't completely finished.

:bulletred:I will also be renaming folders for ease of access. (Hopefully!)

I just wanted to drop a line and apologize for some of the submissions getting expired. I haven't had enough time lately to get onto dA to approve them. So if yours was expired please resubmit them if you'd like so I can get them into the group galleries.
Thanks and sorry again for the trouble!

Just a quick edit

I'm going to also open up a folder for Fan Characters based on different media as the Original Designs folder is kinda being over run by characters deviants create based on an already existing series. I'd like to keep the Original Designs just that, of creations solely based on your original ideas and stories. The same applies to the Media Bots' folder.

Hopefully this will clear things up a bit.


I have opened up a new folder for anyone who would like to submit their lineart to the group. I'll accept any lineart from works in progress so long as the work is clean and finished (meaning ready for the next step) so no loose sketches or doodles.

And if you have already submitted work that you think would fit into this folder, by all means send me a note and I'll copy it over unless you would like to re-submit the work. Either way it gets a nice home.

If anyone has any ideas for new folders on a broader range of subjects give me a buzz and we'll take it from there.


On another note, I'm really glad to see the group expanding with the new members and awesome work being submitted. Keep on lovin' those bots people, they'll remember this when the Robot Revolution rolls around.

Although I've tried to be specific as to what is appropriate for group submissions I will have to enable voting on future incoming submissions due to the fact that I continue to receive images that aren't related to our group.
I implore all members to read through the guidelines before submitting work so I wouldn't have to turn them down, or delete them from the group folders. I do not enjoy doing that.

Thanks again,